Terms & Conditions


Net 30 Days, O.A.C


F.O.B. Ontario, California.
Pre-Paid freight subject to acceptance by Interfast group.
No freight on Drywall Screws unless arrangement in advance.


Per thousand pieces.

Min. Order:

$100.00 USD.


No products will be accepted for return without written authorization from INTERFAST GROUP. All material must be in original cartons to protect warranty and product integrity. All returns must be made within 30 days of original invoice date, no exceptions. All returns are subject to 15% re-stock charge.

     We reserve the right to review credit at anytime. Terms for delinquent accounts are subject to change without notice.

All screws meet or exceed ASTM specifications C1002-89 and C945-86.
Terms & Conditions subject to change without notice as of November1, 2001


Warranty & Disclaimer

INTERFAST GROUP stands behind all products we sell. All test results and recommendations are based on laboratory tests. Specific job conditions should be taken into consideration when specifying the right screw. Because applications vary, we assume no liability for use of this information. All weights are approximate and may vary.


Mill Shipments

We at INTERFAST GROUP provide MILL SHIPMENTS or Direct Shipments to you directly from overseas. Utilizing 75 years of knowledge, experience and traveling overseas to get the best ISO-9002 approved factories for manufacturing your product; we provide the highest quality fasteners, great service at competitive prices.

Do you have an item or group of items that is at least 1 full pallet in quantity and would like to lower your costs and insure product availability? Are you working with big OEMs Contracts or special products that are not standard and difficult to find?

Give INTERFAST GROUP a call or fax your prints. We can work out a program specifically tailored for you to get the edge over your competition. We quote your price directly delivered to your door. There are no hidden charges or fees.


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